I'm currently a 20 year old student at the British Columbian Institute of Technology just ending my first year in the Radio Arts and Broadcasting program with a goal of trying to make it as a radio or media personality and comedian. I have an extensive history of theatre, be it acting, musical theatre, stage directing, lighting designing and light running. I am a self described writer having written thousands of words for many personal projects, essays and stories. I am also very competent with both Photoshop and Audition, the former of which self taught from a young age, that passion leading me to do digital map commissions when I was younger.

I am a all around personable and charismatic person with a bit of a darker sense of humour. through my chosen career path my endgame is very subjective, i want to make as many people as possible over the course of my whole life smile and be happy through comedy, radio I find myself doing along the river of life.